Saving Species

State of the Philippine Birds

October 2011-June 2014
Donor: BirdLife International

State of the Philippine Birds book (photo via

To produce a publication that provides up to date information on what we know about the changing state of the Philippine birds, why they are declining, and what can be done to improve their status.

Download the free e-file of “State of the Philippine Birds here:

2014 Updates:

2013 Updates:

  • Draft manuscript reviewed and revised by Dr. Ian Burfield, Global Science Coordinator of Birdlife International is being prepared for printing.
  • As an offshoot of the work conducted in the preparation of this report, Haribon biologist, Khalil Panopio, presented a poster On the Conservation of Nationally Threatened Birds of the Philippines,” during the 22nd Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium of the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines in April 2013.
State of the Philippine Birds (SoPB) books during the launching on August 8, 2014.

State of the Philippine Birds (SoPB) books during the launching on August 8, 2014.

2012 Updates:

  • Threatened Birds in the Philippines list updated, which included the latest new records of species.
  • Published articles reviewed to update the database on individual species, genera and family for the “State of the Philippine Birds” report.

2011 Updates:

  • Experts workshop with ornithologists conducted to present the concept and outline for the “State of the Philippines Birds” report for their comments and additional inputs.
  • A draft of the State of the Philippines Bird report including the design and layout produced for further inputs by the experts.

View “On the conservation of nationally threatened birds of the Philippines” poster here.


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