Group Membership: Affiliates

Haribon Affiliate Earth UST became the official partner for Welcome to the Birds 2015.

Become an Affiliate Member

Haribon affiliates serve as our partners in empowering individuals and groups to enact change for the Philippine environment by coordinating with them in implementing programs that aim to raise awareness and help in providing impact in environmental protection. We aim to build a constituency for conservation through our members, while working with communities in critical biodiversity areas and networking with other non-government organizations, local government units, schools and the private sector to protect and restore our natural forests.

Affiliates are classified into two:

Tandikan – Student organizations and student groups. Annual membership fee: PHP 3,500
Katala – Corporations and non-government organizations. Annual membership fee: PHP 15,000

Why become an affiliate?

Your annual affiliate membership helps Haribon carry on with its work for biodiversity conservation, particularly in developing programs reaching more people and informing them about the environment and what to do to help in its protection. It is significant for us to raise public awareness on the magnificence and importance of Philippine biodiversity and their habitats, and to encourage the public to act to preserve our endangered ecosystems.

Haribon affiliate members enjoy opportunities for guided bird watching, snorkeling and diving, tree planting, attending symposia, film showings and discussions on various environmental issues and participation in special and fund raising events. There are regular orientation sessions for members and an annual General Assembly to share important milestones, build camaraderie and enjoy fellowship among members and biodiversity.

Have your institution become an affiliate member today! Contact Nikki Almazar at

2015 Haribon Affiliates


2 thoughts on “Group Membership: Affiliates

  1. I saw your feature on the show Green Living. I would like to know if you are accepting volunteers. I enjoy witting and would like to know if you accept articles written by outsiders. I have an article about Boracay and I would like to share it with you. Thank you


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