Empowering People

Training Department

Haribon believes that training people to safeguard resources they depend on is key to conserving those resources. Who better to protect our urban green areas than young urbanites? Who better to protect the sea than the fisherpeople whose lives are tied to it? Who better to protect the forests than the communities whose fortunes are directly linked to them?

We drive the credo “think globally, act locally,” by supplementing local expertise with over 40 years of conservation experience and science to spark effective conservation action.

Biodiversity on Wheels

Biodiversity on Wheels (BOW) travels to different schools to hold learning sessions on various conservation topics (biodiversity, waste management, forests, etc). Designed for Grade levels 1-3, 4-6, and the general public.

2015 updates:

  • 4,375 students from different parts of Luzon were reached.
  • 116 volunteers were mobilized in spreading the importance of biodiversity conservation.

One of the community-led activities in Real, Quezon is river rafting or tubing for 2 kilometers. Photo by Rina Tan de Luna

Haribon Travel

Haribon Travel gives people an opportunity to step into community and conservation sites and learn first hand from community members, researchers, and conservation actives.

2015 updates:

  • Organized Haribon Blue Travels in Lobo, Batangas and San Salvador Island, Masinloc where the participants were able to experience fish and coral identification, snorkeling and mangrove tour.
  • Held Haribon Green Travel in Haribon communities in Mangatarem, Pangasinan where participants experienced bird watching, vermicomposting, trekking and nursery.

2 thoughts on “Training Department

  1. Hi, I am so happy that I’ve found out about you guys! I am very passionate about coral reef conservation and educating and providing alternative methods to destructive fishing techniques.. I am planning to set up a project to try to tackle these issues… It will be good to see how to change people’s mindsets… Awesome work Haribon! Keep it up!


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