Welcome to the Birds 2015

This year’s festivities for Welcome to the Birds 2015!

 Over half a million migratory birds including 64 globally-threatened species are now traveling through the Philippines via the East Asian Australasian Flyway (EAAF), one of only 9 flyways in the world where migratory birds travel every year.

These birds visit the Philippines from September to March to escape the cold winter months of the north. But these “vacationing” birds need more than warm weather. Without healthy wetlands full of food, and habitats safe from human disturbance, the birds may have no place to land when they arrive.

Thousands of Tufted Ducks (Aythya fuligula) reach Mindoro. Photo by David Quimpo. Naujan Lake National Park, Mindoro.

Why are migratory birds important?

They provide seed dispersal, pest regulation and other key functions that keep our environment healthy. Wetlands that are unwelcoming to migratory birds are more likely to be just as unhealthy for humans. By focusing on helping these birds, which are easy to spot and fun to watch, we in turn help the habitats we share with them.

Help raise awareness about the state and importance of migratory birds and their habitats, and welcome them by joining any one of these fun activities!

  • Teaching Tours: Learn about some of the 100 species of migratory birds that visit the Philippines every year! Register your group or classroom for a teaching session by emailing
  • OctoBIRD Fest: Free and open to all ages. Design and fly your own kites, meet migratory bird researchers, and fellow bird-lovers! Oct 24: Luneta Park.
  • Wader Quest: Help count “waders” or shorebirds and add your counts to a world-wide list. Nov 7-8: Parañaque (LPPCHEA). Learn more or register here!
  • Birdwatching Tours: See, identify, and count the birds in their own habitat! Register your group or classroom for a birdwatching tour by emailing
  • Bird Race: Create or join a team to count as many birds as you can! March 2016, exact date and location to be announced. Email to register or for more information.

See you at any of these events! For more information email today! 

Participants designing and painting their kites before flying.


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