Wader Conservation World Watch 2015

Wader Quest

On Nov 7, bird-lovers new and old will join a world-wide count of “waders” or shorebirds during the annual Wader Conservation World Watch.

From our friends, founders of Wader Conservation World Watch in the UK, “Nearly half (48%) of waders species, where a population trend is known, are in decline.” To conserve them, we must continue the count, and involve and cultivate more citizen scientists.

When: November 7, 2015. 5am.
Where: Freedom Island in LPPCHEA, Parañaque.
Registration fee: P500 includes transportation, binocular rental, bird list, Wader Quest certificate, and wetland birds field guide.

Join in on the count! Registering here:

What are waders?

Waders are birds, mostly migratory, with typically long bills and legs adapted for “wading” or walking in shallow waters. Many birders use this term for species of the sub order Charadrii.

Examples of waders include: jacanas, stilts, avocets, curlews, plovers, pratincoles, snipes, sandpipers, and more!

Learn more about Wader Quest, the UK-based founders of Wader Conservation World Watch here.

This is part of our Welcome to the Birds 2015 line of festivities.


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