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A vow to save Mother Earth


Nova Arante and Sherwin Kenneth Madayag wed with the theme “Saving Mother Earth.”

By Nova Arante Castino-Madayag, Haribon Foundation’s Member

Since my now husband and I are both educators, what we value most is the welfare of children and the future generation. We feel responsible for educating the youth as well as influencing other people in the best way we can. We both influence each other in nature conservation.

We both love traveling as a couple. Most of the time, we take nature trips because we love the relaxing view of seas and trees. We really enjoy tree planting activities. But we rarely do this together since we belong to separate groups. I joined the Buhay Punlaan and tree planting with my KUMON family and he joined his co-teachers in their own tree planting activity. We both have a very busy schedule but whenever our schedule permits us, we support fund raising activities such as Fun Run and other activities related to conservation. I hope we can join Haribon’s bird watching this year.

As a regular citizen, we both believe that NGO’S and conservation projects of the government will be useless if we citizens of this country will not start in their own homes. In our case, we try to practice the 3R’s (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce) daily. Both of us like to enroll all our bills into paper less or online billing because if there are less papers, there are less trees to cut, we only use tissue papers like SANICARE that support forest conservation efforts of Haribon, we use our own mugs instead of paper cups and use our own container and stainless spoon and fork for packed lunch so we don’t have to use paper plates and plastic spoon and forks when we are in the office, I always make sure I have reusable bags with me every time I buy grocery, and we try our best to save on water and electricity consumption.


Instead of using a traditional guest book, guests left ‘leaf marks’ using their thumbs.

I became more active in conservation when I became a member of Haribon Foundation. And I, being part of the organization have been more exposed to information as well as activities relating to biodiversity conservation.

I got the idea of gifting postcards from my beloved Kumon Phils., Inc. We received Adopt-a-Seedling postcards together with our planners every start of the year. The feeling of having a tree planted in your name is really priceless. It’s truly inspiring to see your name on it and I want to share this kind of happiness to our wedding guests.

So we came up with the same idea of adopting seedlings from Haribon because we want our nuptial gifts to last for a lifetime. Being a Balisara member, my idea of gifting is to promote awareness and to provide what we could to help our environment. Instead of giving wines and other grandiose material gifts, we decided to adopt a seedling after their name. I believe that by doing so, it will be both beneficial to our principal sponsors and to our forests.

While helping to organize the wedding, I also realized that our theme, designs and venue compliments our advocacy. This is our way of promoting Haribon’s project. And we’re hoping that our simple gesture will eventually benefit Mother Nature.


When you adopt a seedling you receive an Animalaya Card as a gift. With the newlywed’s own donation, they paid it forward by giving the cards to their principal sponsors.

Our wedding is very simple and we want it to be memorable. We don’t want our money to put into waste by just investing it in material things. Aside from Haribon, in lieu of traditional wedding favors for our other guests, and as donor-partners we also made a donation to other non-profit organization. We want to create an impact to humanity and to our environment.

Act. Make an Impact. Support Haribon. To join Haribon’s Adopt-A-Seedling, Nurture-A-Seedling programs, and Tree Planting Activities, call: +63 (2) 421-1209 and/or email: to make a donation today!


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