ROAD to 2020

Another Year, Another Mountain To Restore


By Bianca Osorio, Haribon Foundation’s Partnerships Development Officer

Conservation work never stops. There are always trees to be planted, species to be protected, waste to be managed and a public to be informed. This is true with the Haribon Foundation and its advocacy to protect nature, in order to preserve life.

Every year from the months of July to November, Haribon, along with its members and partners, hike the mountains of Mt. San Cristobal, rain or shine, in order to restore the Philippine’s denuded forests.

During the final tree planting activity held last 12 November 2015, Haribon members, along with employees from ANZ Global Services and Operations, BPI M/S Insurance Inc., Baxter Healthcare, Alta Resources, the HP Inspire group, together with the Brgy. Bukal Upland Farmers Vegetable Association, braved Mt. San Cristobal in Barangay Bukal, Nagcarlan Laguna to plant an entire hectare of native tree seedlings.

Despite having little sleep and exhaustion, the volunteers pushed through, bearing in mind that the seedlings they plant today will pave the way to a better life for the future generations.

After the activity, volunteers all seem to have ran out of energy. But when asked about how the experience was, the responses seemed to be similar: “Tiring, but fulfilling.”

The tree planting activity done last November was made possible through Adopt-A-Seedling (AAS) program where individuals, organizations and companies can adopt seedlings by donating Php300 per seedling. Each seedling planted is maintained and monitored by Haribon’s partner People’s Organization (Pos) for the next 3 years to ensure the survival of the seedlings planted.

In 2010, Haribon, along with other organizations, established the Rainforestation Organizations and Advocactes to 2020 (ROAD to 2020) movement with the goal of restoring one million hectares in the Philippine forests by planting native trees.

This year, Haribon aims to be able to restore more than 35 hectares of forests, and everyone is invited to take part and make an impact, by volunteering or through donation or better, both.

Restoring 1 Million hectares is an overwhelming undertaking, but with every person involved, it is no longer just a dream but an achievable goal. Conservation work never stops and it is a job that everyone should do.

Act. Make an Impact. Support Haribon. To join Haribon’s Adopt-A-Seedling, Nurture-A-Seedling programs, and Tree Planting Activities, call: +63 (2) 421-1209 and/or email: to make a donation today!


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