Advocacy Department

Presidentiable Envi-infographics


Find scores, previous legislation and more in this infographic covering your presidential candidates. Download the complete infographic here in our Google drive. (PDF) (JPG).

Download individual profiles of your candidates below (in alphabetical order by last name):

The Haribon Foundation is a member of the Green Thumb Coalition which does not endorse specific candidates for public office. Scores derived from questionnaires answered by the candidates, as well as internal research by the Coalition. Additional research on past legislation, as well as overall design, by the OJT & Volunteer program of the Haribon Foundation. Layout by Milaia Gomez.

Whomever wins, REQUEST YOUR CANDIDATES to pass the “Green Bills”:

The Forest Resources Bill
The National Land Use Act
The Alternative Mining Management Bill
Expanded NIPAS Act

On May 9, choose conservation, choose life, and choose wisely.

For more information visit the Green Thumb Coalition:


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