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Haring Ibon Week: June 4 to 10

The Philippine Eagle or Haring Ibon (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is a Critically Endangered species, with about 800 left in the Philippines, the sole country in which they can be found.

Philippine Eagle or Haring Ibon Week takes place every year from June 4 to 10, marking the start of Philippine Environment Month of June. This year, the Haribon Foundation will display a photo booth with a Haring Ibon exhibit in Quezon City at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas from June 6 to 8.

In addition to the exhibit, a social media and PR campaign informing the general public on their ecology, as well as conservation actions on Mt. Mingan where the Haribon Foundation works for their protection will also be released early June until June 10.

Mt. Mingan, home to Philippine Eagles in Nueva Ecija and Aurora provinces. Philippine Eagles have not been recorded in Nueva Ecija in 40 years.

120 years ago this June, the first Philippine Eagle was discovered by Western science by John Whitehead in Samar in 1896. Today, conservation efforts and studies continue more than a century later.

Not only is the Haring Ibon the National Bird, but it is also a symbol for the health of the forests they reside. Without forests, there is no Haring Ibon.

Support their protection today by donating or becoming a member. Donations go to conservation work all over the country, from Haring Ibon in the forests, to coral reef conservation in our seas.

Donate today by simply clicking on “General Donation” in our donation portal here:

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