Communications Department

Call for Graphic Designers: Species of Hope donor kit

Graphic Designer WANTED

The service of an experienced Graphic Designer is needed to create a Donor Kit for our Species of Hope program. The Kit is meant to inform & encourage corporations to commit donations to conservation sites where species nearing extinction live.

Materials to be designed:

  • 1 logo for “Species of Hope.”
  • 1 folder design.
  • 5 inserts: 1) History of Haribon, 2) Overview of Species of Hope, 3) Facts on the species & site, 4) Species of Hope activities, and 5) Donation tranch details.

Feelings it must convey:

  • Urgency: It must show potential companies that time is running out for species.
  • Hope: It must make potential donors feel that they can save the species with their donation. Because it will!


  • High-level business executives.
  • Corporate staff & finance departments.

Want to use your talents for the bigger picture? Do you believe the corporate sector should participate in protecting our environment? Have the talent and experience to make a Donor Kit that will influence high-level executives to commit support for environment conservation?

Send the following to, CC

  • CV / Resume
  • Comprehensive portfolio
  • Bidding price for project

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