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3 ways to give back this Christmas

Give back - .jpg

Finding the right gift is hard enough, imagine finding gifts that also give back to the planet. We offer 3 ideas that might help: Haribon holiday E-cards, Haribon Membership, or Haribon stuff!

  • Don’t want to use gift wrap? Give an E-card.
  • Have a friend who loves nature? Give her a 1 year Haribon membership.
  • Know a budding biologist? Give them a book on biodiversity.


E-cards are not only paperless, but each one represents a native tree seedling donation and can be given in the name of a loved one, a friend, or even an organization or company. Choose one of our e-cards here without leaving your house!

Click here for e-cards.

Haribon Membership

Activities such as birdwatching, tree plantings, tree-treks, and more take place every year for Haribon members. A regular Haribon membership is only P900 for an entire year & includes discounts and free access to selected events. Give a gift that lasts a whole year. Browse the different membership tiers here and contact on getting that nature lover in your life a membership!

Click here for membership tiers.

Stuff for conservation!

Haribon t-shirts, books, brochures, and more are available for small donations all year round, and proceeds go to continuing conservation efforts nationwide. Browse Haribon merchandise, donate online or via bank deposit, and pick up your gift at our headquarters in Quezon City. You may also choose to have it shipped for an extra fee.

Click here for Haribon merchandise.

What are you waiting for? Avoid the lines and give a gift that gives back. Happy holidays from the Haribon Foundation!


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