Volunteer for Haribon

Tree planting participants

Tree planting volunteers leave legacies behind for future forests.

Begin or continue your journey in conservation by becoming an “Eco-Volunteer” with the Haribon Foundation. Our Eco-Volunteer program empowers people of all ages to become champions for biodiversity, gives them an opportunity to meet more like-minded people, and explore becoming Haribon members.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Tree plantings (June to November)
  • Birdwatching activities (all-year)
  • Biodiversity on Wheels (all-year)
  • In-office work at Haribon Headquarters (all-year)

To begin please download and fill-up the Eco-volunteer Form and email to support@haribon.org.ph today.


6 thoughts on “Volunteer for Haribon

  1. hi! I am Allea , my classmate and i wants to participate in tree planting or other environmental program you have .. Is that possible?


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